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Cordial Productions was founded in 2001 when it produced RC Sheriffs highly acclaimed classic 'Journeys End' with great success.

It has since produced John Hopkins revival of 'ThIs Story of Yours 'at the then New End Theatre in 2003, which was first produced at The Royal Court in the late sixties.

More recently it has produced Stuart Clarke's Voices at The Canal Cafe, Macbeth and The 'Elephant Man 'by Bernard Pomerance, and a chilling adaptation of Charles Dickens ghost story 'The Signalman'.

Cordial Productions is delighted to be producing John Hopkins powerful play 'Find Your Way Home', which was nominated for a Tony Award on Broadway, and is now receiving its British Premier at the lovely intimate Lion and Unicorn Theatre. It is to be directed by Peter Brooke award nominee Omar Okai.

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Find your way home

The play opens in the slightly sleazy London apartment of Julian known to his friends as Julie. Julie is joined by his middle aged lover, Alan, who has decided to leave his wife and children to live with Julie. As the second act opens they are suddenly confronted by Alan's shocked and outraged wife, and the second act becomes almost a self contained play as Alan and his wife lacerate each other in a brilliant and ruthless dissection of modern marriage and parenthood.

"The most outspoken and honest play about homosexuality that has ever appeared on Broadway" ~ N.Y. Daily News


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